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"Магия и технология столкнуться в большей битве за солнечную систему Новус."

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Команда проекта, приняла решение запустить тестовый сервер на котором мы вместе сможем устранить ошибки и реализовать все Ваши пожелания.
В настоящий момент процесс подготовки к запуску сервера находится в активной стадии, и мы планируем запустить тестовый сервер уже сегодня.

Клиент готовится к загрузке. Напоминаю, что аккаунтом для игры на сервере является Ваш аккаунт на форуме. После окончания всех проверок тестовый сервер будет закрыт и начнется подготовка для запуска стабильной версии игры.

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Внимание, уважаемые пользователи.

Первый сервер проекта MID-WAY был запущен 20 февраля 2010 года в 15 часов 9 минут. Сегодня нашему проекту исполняется 7 лет.
Мы с самых первых дней не перестаем удивлять наших пользователей нашими возможностями и покоряем новые вершины, которые для многих так и остаются недосягаемыми.
В ближайшее время мы подарим нашим пользователям тот самый сервер, который все любили.

Спасибо Вам за то, что доверяете нам и остаетесь верными друзьями!
Dear players!
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Hello RF Online!

We are excited to announce some good news to players! The Update will have a some of fixes!

  • Added pvp point capsule to Draco (Elan) - (40 - 70 points)
  • Increased chance drop ore in resources map from Lazhuvardin (Spell and Warrior).
  • Removed lvl drop limit from Lazhuvardin (Spell and Warrior).
  • Fixed Mage damage.
  • Fixed bug with mining golden points when character is dead.
  • Fixed bug with mining golden points when character is moving.
  • Fixed some server errors.

  • Update will be available in 3 minutes. No need restart or update your game.
    Hello RF Online!

    We are excited to announce some good news to players! The Update will have a some of fixes!

  • Added Gold Rush.
  • Added New Mantles.
  • Added Mantle Upgraders.
  • Added Purified Legendary Ore Box.
  • Added Legendary Gem Box.
  • Added Mantle Upgrader Box.
  • Added Shining Crystal Box.
  • Added Crystal Talic Box.
  • Added New Rings and Amulets.
  • Added Grade Enchant Core Box.
  • Added Grade Enchant Core[Accessory].
  • Update Item Drop Table All Elan and Novajan PBs.
  • Increased params All Elan and Novajan PBs.
  • Increased Zoom for all race from 250 to 400.
  • Re-balanced legendary items (weapons). For Armors need more testing.
  • Disabled 50/56 lvl limits quest.
  • Disabled RF_Online client count check.
  • Fixed error with exchange items (rare ore and etc) - disconnect from server.
  • Fixed MAU def params (defFc and def rates for skills)
  • Fixed error with wiping money (over 2kkk dalant and gold) on restart.
  • Fixed Novajan glitch bug.
  • Fixed Elan glitch bug with peace zone.

  • Update will be available today. Follow the news.
    Dear players!

    We will be performing a scheduled maintenance today
    Follow the news!
    Hello RF Online!

    We are excited to announce some good news to players! The Update will have a some of fixes!

  • New Siege Kits.

  • - Siege Kit level 70
    - Shining Sonium Siege Kit (Launcher)
    - Sniper Sonium Siege Kit (Launcher)
    - Shining magius Siege Kit (Flame Launcher)
    - Sniper magius Siege Kit (Fire)
    - Changed Siege Kit levels 55, 60 and 65
    - Fixed effect for animus 70 LVL
    - Fixed exp for Inanna Character.

  • Increased ContEffSec1 duration for ClassSkills.
  • Fixed error with entrance for Novazan Map.
  • Increased drop rate.

  • - Removed depend lvl drop rate from Caliana Archer, Caliana Crew, Caliana Atrock, Assassin BuilderA, Assassin BuilderB.

  • New MAUs.

  • - MAU lv 70 (High Golden MAU)

    Update will be available today. Just start game to update your game client.

    Hello everyone,

    We will be performing a scheduled maintenance today for installing new update (January 28, 2017). It will last approximately 1-2 hours.


    All characters will be deleted.
    Use this handy link to convert your time!
    Hello fans of RF Online!

    We are ready to share with you a description of future changes on the server pvp!

    Server MID-WAY PVP
    Server Detalis
    If you are ready to plunge into the adventure, You need a company! Call friends!
    Hello RF Online Patriot!

    We are excited to announce some good news to players about next grand update!

    Maing Changes

  • Max Level Cap is 105.
  • New Items (Armors, Weapons and etc.)
  • New quest engine.
  • New Class Skills.
  • New ores.
  • Region Occupy.

  • Lets get a land of my own!!

  • Level-up via digging!

  • Whole digging!!You can dig a region crazy level up if you have money! If you dig during cree war, mass exp. is gained


  • Talic Upgrade

  • Talic upgrade RF greatest upgrade.

  • Talic extraction.

  • You can extract talic on a probability by processing ore.

  • Level Upgrade.

  • Upgrade which increases the retriction the level of wearing it.

  • Class upgrade.

  • Weapon, armor, accessory items are enchanted up to high quality ~ ultra legend level(50 level).

  • Upgrade core manufacture

  • Core needed for various upgrade is manufactured.

  • Digger upgrade

  • Enchant increases the performance of the digger.


  • Whole Digging

  • Digging anybody can do anywhere anytime

  • Region Digging

  • You can find money from digging?? In RF, you can!!

  • Mine Digging War)

  • If you win the race war, you get the mining rights, which allows you to extract ore, talic materials.

  • Purchase Digging Equipment

  • Purchase new equipments needed for digging.


  • Manufacture

  • Lets make a useful equipment using materials! Sometimes, a very good item pops up.

  • Process

  • By converting (Ore), you can extract materials needed for various upgrades and manufacture.

  • Life Reversal

  • Item obtainable when processed its a lottery item that targets a jackpot.

    We cannot say about release date, but we will make an announce about update status. Follow the news. This is update only for PVP server.
    It is no full patch lists and it can be corrected.

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